Violet Port ~ Drummer
Violet Port, Drummer, Musician, Chicago, Northwest Indiana
Violet Port, Drummer

Bill and Rachel Port are the parents of Violet Port, a fourteen year old aspiring musician in the metropolitan Chicago area.

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Violet has been musically inspired by Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun of Twenty-One Pilots. On her YouTube page you can see some of Violet's favorite drum covers.  Some of our favorites are  "Guns for Hands" and "Lane Boy" by Twenty-One Pilots. Violet is self taught on the drums.  In the spring of 2018 Violet played drums for a video at the MusicLab of the Hard Rock Hotel in Cancun Mexico. At spring break of 2019 the staff at the Hard Rock invited her to guest drum poolside with Troya Band. Be sure to check out their performance of the Alien Ant Farm version of Smooth Criminal with Troya Band, filmed this March in Cancun at the Hard Rock Hotel.

Violet began to play music about three years ago on a cheap ukulele.  She can play some keyboard as well, but her greatest passion and talent is to play the drums.  In the past two years, she has played her drums so much that she tore the cymbals.
Violet has refused to take any formal music lessons and has done all her learning from watching YouTube; mostly from watching Josh Dun.  

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 YouTube Channel, Violet Port!   

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Violet Port Rocks