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Hartsdale Indiana  By: Bill Port
Schererville, Indiana

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Hartsdale Indiana ghost town, Schererville, Bill Port Realtor, 41?30′28″N 87?28′17″W

Is there a ghost town in Northwest Indiana?
Yes, there is! Hartsdale is an Indiana Ghost Town located in what is now Schererville Indiana.  I was recently out writing articles and gathering photos for communities in Northwest Indiana.  While doing so, this little town kept showing up on my maps. It had me intrigued so I started doing a little research.

Since this forgotten village of Hartsdale, Indiana is now in Schererville, I figured our Schererville community pages wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t add some history about this Schererville neighborhood that no longer exists.  Hartsdale was a community that existed in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

The location of Hartsdale, IN was basically where the Joliet Cut Offf (Elgin, Joliet and Eastern Railway) and the Pan Handle (Chicago Great Eastern Ohio) railroads intersect under Rt 41 Indianapolis Boulevard in Schererville, Indiana. That’s right, Hartsdale is basically located under that big bridge on Route 41. The official Hartsdale Indiana coordinates are 41°30′28″N 87°28′17″W

Hartsdale Indiana, Bike Path, Pennsy Greenway, Bill Port, Realtor, 41?30′28″N 87?28′17″W
So here is what I could find about Hartsdale, Indiana history.
The community of Hartsdale was named for the original land owner of the area, Aaron Hart.  Aaron Hart owned thousands of acres of marshland.  The land was so marshy, it was originally known as Lake George.  Hart drained the land by digging a series of ditches that directed the water to the Little Calumet River.  His main ditch is known as Hart Ditch.

In the late 1800s, the Harts had a large farm that employed many of the residents of Hartsdale, IN. Just north of the railway intersection was Hart’s farm. 
Hartsdale Indiana, 2019, Bill Port, Schererville, Indiana 41?30′28″N 87?28′17″W

By 1911 the village of Hartsdale had an approximate population of 250 people. However, Schererville had grown at a faster pace.  In 1911, Hartsdale, Indiana was incorporated into the Town of Schererville. 
Hartsdale Indiana ghost town, Schererville, Bill Port Realtor, 41?30′28″N 87?28′17″W

Ironically, Aaron Hart, the man famous for creating land by digging ditches, died in a ditch digging accident in 1883. 

The railway yard and interchange at this location was known as Hartsdale, IN until it closed in the past few decades.  The railroad tracks that led to Chicago have been abandoned. Further north, this abandoned track is now the Penny Greenway bicycle path.  Maybe someday the path will extend through this area. 

For more information about the town Hartsdale, Indiana trains including Hartsfield Indiana train track map and historic photos of Hartsdale Indiana trains and bridges, click this blog link by Dennis DeBruler on Industrial Scenery

Remnants of this former community are still visible today.  Hart Farm Road still exists just north of the bridge on the west side of Route 41. Hartsdale, Indiana is still marked on many modern maps, and even Google Maps and Facebook have Hartsdale,noted as an Indiana City. In fact, if you post on while crossing the bridge or passing through this area, your location notification is likely to show that you are in Hartsdale, Indiana. 

Unfortunately, Hartsdale Indiana no longer has any houses, so you won’t find any Hartsdale homes listed for sale on this page.  To find a home nearby, take a look at Briar Cove, Briar Ridge, and Stone Bridge Estates on our Schererville page.

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