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As REALTORS, we have seen this before, but not too often.  The availability of Quality homes within a certain market becomes scarce, and suddenly we are in a "Seller's Market." During a Seller's Market, home prices are driven up by demand in the housing market. Home values increase by $5,000 to $10,000 almost overnight.  Right now, the Griffith, Indiana housing market is presently experiencing one of these "Hot Seller's Markets."

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LIVING IN Griffith:
Griffith is a 7.74 square mile town centrally located in Lake County, Indiana, which is the farthest Northwest County of Indiana. 

Griffith, Indiana is onveniently located only 30 miles from Illinois' downtown Chicago Loop, and just 12 miles to Chicago’s South Side. This makes Griffith an ideal place to live for Chicago commuters who wish to wish to enjoy a suburban lifestyle.  With simple access to I-94, I-80 and the Chicago Skyway, working in the city is easy. 

Today, Griffith a growing community with a population of over 16,893 people. For decades Illinois homeowners have migrated from Chicago Suburbs to the Northwest Indiana communities surrounding Griffith. Today, Low Indiana property taxes continue to make Griffith an attractive community to live in. 

Griffith-Merrillville Airport, (generally known locally simply as “Griffith Airport”) is a smaller airport within the boundaries of the Town of Griffith

Recent 2018 Griffith closed house sale prices range from $ 63,000 to $1,225,000. Most house sales range from $150,000 to $450,000, with the average being $264,000.  

Griffith borders the town of Highland to the west, the city of Hammond to the northwest, the city of Gary to the northeast, the town of Schererville to the south, and unincorporated Calumet Township to the east.                                                                                                                               

Griffith HISTORY:
The history of Griffith rides along the rails and steams straight out of 19th century expansion.

Many American towns stake a claim in railroading for their existence. Few can trace their very name to those steel ribbons that link east with west and north with south. History indicates the town of Griffith may have been named after a surveyor for the Grand Trunk Railroad, E.P. Griffith.

In the 1870s he mapped the terrain, set the grade for the tracks and the area became known as Griffith's Section. By the time the Grand Trunk line was completed in 1879, both name and town had become one.

The Dwiggins brothers, Jay and Elmer, were businessmen from Chicago who founded the town in 1891. They planned to call it Dwiggins Junction, said Karen Kulinski, of the Griffith Historical Society. "In the end, they chose to keep the name of Griffith," she said, adding they did name several streets after themselves: Jay, Elmer and Dwiggins. They also laid out many of today's lots, roads and alleys and called it "Chicago's Best Factory Suburb," Kulinski said.

In 1852, Indiana and the U.S. Government passed swamp reclamation acts. Settlers bought swampland for $1.25 an acre and then had to drain it by digging ditches. "For a long time, the regular means of travel between Munster/Highland and Merrillville was by boat," Kulinski said.

In 1853, Mathias and Anna Miller, fresh out of Germany, bought 40 acres and built a sod roofed dugout as their first home. Others soon arrived, including the families of Joseph Hoffman, Jacob Helfen, Nicholas Hilbrich and Peter Reder. Also making tracks were the railroads, including the Michigan Central in 1854.

It was followed by the Grand Trunk, Erie Railroad, Elgin Joliet & Eastern Railway, Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad, Erie and Kalamazoo, Michigan Southern, Chicago and Erie, and others. "The railroads brought people and progress to the tiny farming community," Kulinski said. But the depression of 1893 ended the brothers' venture and they were forced to abandon their dream of a factory suburb. Fortunately, the railroads and Indiana Pipeline Co. provided jobs for those who remained. "So, many Griffith residents stayed on to build a town," Kulinski said.

Griffith was officially incorporated 11 years later on Nov. 19, 1904. Residents faced the task of moving from agriculture to a more urban setting at the dawn of the 20th century. The fledgling town boasted various industries, stores and shops. The young school system scored an "A" when Franklin School was built in 1911. It replaced Troy School, South School and North School, all of which were built in the late 1800s. As the 20th century progressed, it was joined by three other grade schools, the high and middle schools.

The first formal church was built in 1915 when the Methodists began worshiping at the corner of Lafayette and Columbia. It was joined in 1920 by the Hammond Christian Church at 231 N. Broad St. In 1928 St. Mary Parish opened its doors with a church/school combination on Broad Street.

And today's downtown sports a fresh street-scape, many stores and shops, a bike trail to replace some of those steel ribbons and — of course — that famous crossing with train traffic that has steamed across Broad for 162 years.

Griffith Indiana was founded in 1854 and was incorporated as a town in 1904. 

Public  and Private Schools in Griffith 
For information regarding schools please see our Lake County Schools page.
*Always verify your municipality and schools before you buy a house.

Griffith Restaurants and Shopping:
Griffith enjoys a thriving business community, ranging from nationally owned business chains to numerous small, family-owned businesses. Shopping, dining and entertainment possibilities are numerous. You can browse through an array of small, quaint shops in the downtown district and take advantage of shopping local at Blythe’s Sports Shop, American Natural Resources, J & M Golf, Rainbow Shops, Spinnin’ Yarns, Region Rat Skate Shop, Creative Comics, G & G Hobbies, Grindhouse Café,  Lady’s Gourmet Popcorn, Twincade, Charcuterie.  You won’t get bored with the selection of Griffith restaurants; there are a lot more to choose from. Griffith Indiana, Griffith, Griffith Realtors Bill Port, Rachel Port, 219-613-7527, bike trail

Things to do in Griffith:  How would you like to own a house close to fun activities? Griffith has access to most bike trails you will find in Lake County Indiana. They are the result of former railroad tracks better known as “Rails to Trails” project.  The trail that runs through Griffith is on the former Erie Lackawanna Railroad track .  Erie Lackawanna Bike Trail promotes alternative modes of transportation, including biking and hiking.  Parking for the trail can be found at 45th Street and also on Broad Street (South of Main) The Grand Trunk Depot and Railroad Museum is located at Broad Street (South of Main) across from the parking for the trail.  

Griffith Parks:  Looking for family fun close to your home? Griffith has six parks, Central Park, Cheever Park, Panther Park, South Park, Tot Park and Woodland Park.  Visit Griffith Parks and Recreation  for more information and current events
Griffith has and outstanding park district.  

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