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Should we wait until Spring to sell our home?

By Bill Port
During the cold, winter months, our clients often ask us if it would be better to wait to sell their home in the spring market.  After twenty-six years in the real estate business, here’s what we think…  Waiting could be, and most likely is, a big mistake!!  Allow us to explain why.  The winter months of December to February are usually slower sales months.  It’s true, there are more home sales in the Spring.  However, if you are selling a nice, clean home, the winter months could be the BEST time to market your home.
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Selling in the winter can be a strategic way to obtain a record-breaking price for your home.  It’s all about supply and demand.  Think about it, if a buyer is shopping in January, February, or March  they most likely have a need to get into a home. Because many sellers take their home off the market for the winter months, the home choices for these purchasers are limited. While there are usually fewer home showings, fewer buyers, and fewer sales, there are also fewer homes for buyers to choose from.  Wise sellers know that because there is less competition, they may be able to realize a higher selling price!  Furthermore, if you need to sell your present home before purchasing your next home, your window of opportunity could be closing!  Many sellers will wait until March, April, or May before getting their home on the market, however, our experience has proven that January and February can be some of the best months to realize an above market sales price. To be a successful seller,  your home should be on the market early, before the Spring rush!  By beginning your marketing early, time will be on your side, and the competition will be nearly eliminated.  Let us help you determine if selling now is best for you. 

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