Show Your Home To The MAX... And MAXimize your profits!!


Prepared by...BILL & RACHEL PORT    RE/MAX RESULTS 219-613-7527 


1.   Make the Most of that First impression.


A well manicured lawn, trimmed bushes and a clutter free porch welcome prospects.   Pick up newspapers, sweep the front walkway & clear away any cobwebs. Clean windows & flower pots really make a home sparkle!  

Artificial flowers can be used on vacant homes to create a inviting feeling.   Scrape & paint any chipping paint.


 2.   Refrain From Smoking.


Cigarette smoke will definitely turn off a prospective purchaser. Try to smoke outside if you must smoke. It will really help cut down on the odor.


 3.   Watch Your Pets & Children.


Keep pets out of the way. Make sure all areas are clean & free of pet odor. (You may not notice your pets odor, but prospects will.)   Make sure children don't get in the way or talk too much. Prospects are more likely to offer on homes free of distractions.


 4.   Secure Valuables.


Make sure jewelry, cash & other valuables are kept in a safe place. For safety, keep prescription drugs & firearms out of sight.


 5.   Check Faucets


Dripping water discolors sinks & tubs & suggests faulty plumbing. Check all faucets & pipes for any leaks. Don't let small problems detour prospects from your home.


6.   Make Room for Space.


Potential buyers are looking for storage space also. Make sure your closets, cabinets, attic & basement are free of unnecessary items. Box up any items not in use. (Don't forget to label your boxes!)


 7. Make Bathrooms and Kitchens Sparkle.


Make them shine! Check & repair damaged caulking in tubs, showers & around kitchen & bathroom sink. Keep mirrors clean and toiletries & dishes put away. Keep counter tops free of clutter.


 8.   Create Dream Bedrooms.


Make sure bedrooms are free of clutter. Get rid of excess furniture for a more spacious look. Make sure the beds are made and children's toys & laundry are put away.


 9.   Up the Wattage.


When showing your home in the evening, turn on all lights - inside & out. Lights add warmth & make prospects feel welcome. Increasing the wattage will add brightness, making your home feel larger & cleaner.   Candles are nice touch too!


 10. Keep a Low Profile.


Be friendly, but don't try to force conversation. Bill & Rachel are trained to know what buyers need & want. Don't blow a sale do to lack of knowledge or by talking too much. Let the Real Estate Professional show the prospect through the home & answer questions. They will ask if they have any questions for you.


 11.   Pick up Clothes.


Make sure dirty laundry is put away. Undergarments and other dirty clothing will turn off prospective purchasers.




12.   Refer to BILL & RACHEL.


When a prospect wants to talk price, terms or other real estate matters. Let them speak with the experts. You’ve already made the right decision by choosing Bill &Rachel Port to go to work for you. So relax, and let their experience, training, and negotiating skills go to work for you.